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Forseti – the Norse God of Justice

As the god of justice and law, Forseti was worshipped and referred to frequently in day-to-day life. However, Forseti is one of the most enigmatic of the ...

Týr – The Norse God of War

Týr (Tyr, Tiw, or Ziu in Old High German) was a Nordic and Germanic god of war. He was the most popular god among most ancient Germanic tribes until the ...

Sif – Norse Goddess of the Earth and Wife of Thor

Sif is the Asgard goddess married to Thor, the god of thunder. She is called “the loveliest of women” in the Prose Edda by Icelandic author Snorri ...

Chinese Dragon Horse – Longma

In Chinese mythology, Longma is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon and a horse's body covered with dragon scales. It was believed that seeing ...

Baldur – Norse God of the Summer Sun

Baldur, also called Balder or Baldr, is one of the many sons of Odin and his wife Frigg. Despite Thor being the most famous son of Odin, in the legends ...

Aegir– Norse God of the Sea

The Greeks have Poseidon, the Chinese have Mazu, comic-book readers have Aquaman, and the Norse have Ægir. Anglicized as Aegir or Aeger, this mythic ...

Apophis (Apep) – Egyptian God of Chaos

Apophis, also known as Apep, was the ancient Egyptian embodiment of chaos, dissolution, and darkness. He was one of the main nemeses of the sun god Ra, and ...

Macha Goddess and What She Symbolizes

In ancient Ireland, there was a goddess revered by women warriors, feared by men, and known to everyone in all the land. She is called Macha, a deity that ...

Freya – Nordic Goddess of Love and War

Freya, also spelled Freyja, is a Nordic goddess of fertility, beauty, love, sex, as well as war and seiðr – a special kind of Norse magic. A beautiful and ...

20 Norse Gods and Goddesses and Why They’re Important – A List

Like most ancient religions and cultures, the Nordic people had a very complicated pantheon of deities. With new gods from neighboring regions and tribes ...

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