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Aztec Symbols and Their Meaning

The Aztec civilization, just like those of the Maya, InCa, and the other major Mesoamerican and South American civilizations, was steeped in religious and ...

Kratos – Greek God of Strength

Kratos or Cratos is an intriguing figure in Greek mythology, with conflicting stories surrounding his origins and later life. While many younger people know ...

Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl)

Quetzalcoatl is one of the most famous Mesoamerican deities today and he was indeed the main deity in most Mesoamerican cultures. With his name literally ...

Maat – The Egyptian Goddess  and Her Feather of Truth

Maat or Ma’at is one of the most important Egyptian deities. A goddess of truth, order, harmony, balance, morality, justice, and law, Maat was honored and ...

Morrigan – The Ancient Irish Trinity Goddess

The Morrigan, also called Mórrígan or Morrígu, is one of the most unique and complex deities of Irish mythology. She’s depicted as a strong, mysterious and ...

Surtr – Symbolism and Importance in Norse Mythology

Surtr is a popular figure in Norse mythology, and one who plays a pivotal role during the events of the end of the Norse world, Ragnarok. Often associated ...

Fafnir – Dwarf and Dragon

Fafnir is one of the most famous dragons in Nordic myths and legends, so much so that he’s the inspiration of the dragons in Tolkien’s work and through them ...

Jörmungandr – The Great World Serpent

There are many monsters in Nordic folklore and mythology but none inspire as much terror as the World Serpent Jörmungandr. Even the World Tree dragon ...

Mímir – Nordic Symbol of Wisdom

The Nordic god Odin is widely recognized as the god of wisdom in the Norse pantheon. However, even he adheres to the wise counsel of other wiser deities, ...

Japanese Dragon Symbol and Myths

Japanese dragon myths are both strongly inspired by Chinese and Hindu dragon myths, and still very much unique. It’s fair to say that Japanese mythology has ...

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