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Flower Colors: What Do They Mean?

A flower’s color meaning is nothing new. The use of color symbolism in flowers dates back centuries and continues to be prevalent in different cultures today.

The meanings of flower colors may differ based on regions and cultures, but there are some universal meanings. When giving out flowers, you may want to keep in mind that choosing colors is just as important as picking the kind of flowers if you want to convey a strong and clear message.

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Here is a list of popular flower colors along with their meanings.

White Flower Meaning

Bliss white orchid
Bliss white orchid. Check the price on Proflowers.

White is typically associated with purity, peace, and innocence. There is also an understated elegance and beauty to white flowers.

White flowers are typically found during solemn occasions like weddings and funerals.

At weddings, white is a dominant color as it conveys the virtues and innocence of the bride. White flowers also signify the purity of the love of the couple.

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White floral arrangements are preferred for wakes and funerals. White flowers are also used to express sympathy or to pay tribute to the deceased. The color shows reverence as well.

Three of the most popular white flowers are orchids, daisies, and roses. Daisies signify innocence while white roses convey purity, innocence, and youthfulness. White orchids mean innocence, elegance, and reverence.

Blue Flower Meaning

Two dozen blue roses
Two dozen blue roses. Check the price on From You Flowers.

The ocean and the sky are both blues in color. It’s hard to imagine a more relaxing natural element than these two.

Viewing blue flowers is similar to viewing the sky or ocean, both of which are typically associated with relaxation. Blue flowers do perform well in helping the recipient let go of stress, anxiety, and tension. It’s a color that gives us a feeling of peace.

If you wish to tell someone to relax and let go of their worries through flowers, then blue ones are the way to go.

Generally, it is quite rare to see natural blue flowers. One might find blue roses prevalent in shops, but these are actually white roses dyed in the color blue. In media, like books and movies, blue roses convey mystery. The blue rose symbolizes the pursuit of the unattainable or immortality. Blue roses, after all, are rare in nature because of their genetic limitations.

As such, if you want to send a message to a person that he or she is unique and special, then blue flowers are a great choice. They can also represent absolute commitment and trust.

You may want to consider sending blue morning glories if you want to convey strength and asters if you wish the flowers to convey love, faith, and wisdom.

Lavender Flower Meaning

Lavender flowers
Lavender flowers bouquet. Check the price on Teleflora.

Lavender-colored flowers usually represent elegance and delicacy. Lavender flowers are usually associated with relaxation and are commonly used in beauty clinics and health spas. In Ancient Rome, they were added to baths for greater relaxation, something that we still do in modern society.

Lavender-colored flowers are pleasing to the eyes, which makes them even more appealing. When dried, they can be used as home interior decor. They also have a lovely aroma.

The most popular flowers in lavender color are lavender itself, daisies, petunias, and orchids. Lavender daisies convey purity and innocence while petunia in lavender hue signifies trust, dignity, and truth. Lavender orchids are typically associated with luxury, strength, and beauty.

Lavender has long been used as well to symbolize purity and is commonly used in celebrations of innocence. There is also a connection between lavender and health. The flower is known as a natural remedy, especially among essential oil devotees, due to its ability to treat a wide range of diseases.

Green Flower Meaning

Green orchids and anthurium flowers
Green orchids and anthurium flowers. Check the price on From You Flowers.

Green flowers usually are closely related to growth, health, and good fortune. Often we are told to eat our greens to remain healthy. Likewise, when we think of fortune, it’s the color green that we think about. Even dollars are referred to as the greenback.

Experts say that green is probably the most common color of flowers. Plants, especially trees, generally produce flowers that are predominantly green in color.

However, many don’t usually associate the color green with flowers even if experts say that they are the most common flower hue.

In floral arrangements, the color green isn’t the centerpiece but rather meant to be adornments. Look closely at nature, and you will see abundant green flowers that offer life, growth, and health.

If you wish to send a message of hope to convey to another person that things will work out just fine, then you can send green flowers.

Some of the most sought-after green flowers are orchids and anthurium. Green orchids signify life, health, strength, and longevity while anthurium means hospitality.

Orange Flower Meaning

Country pumpkin flower arrangement
Country pumpkin flower arrangement. Check the price on Teleflora.

The color orange is often used to convey enthusiasm and joy. The orange hue is naturally a cheerful color due to its bright hue.

Orange flowers also signify warmth, which accounts for them being the flower color of choice during the fall season.

Orange roses, one of the most popular orange flowers, are a result of a cross-breeding experiment. Blending yellow and red resulted in a fresh, and lively-looking orange rose. Given that an orange rose is a mix of red roses which means love and yellow, which conveys friendship, orange roses are the flower of choice to convey conflicted romantic feelings. If you find yourself falling in love with a friend, then orange roses are the perfect choice to express your feelings.

Some of the most loved orange flowers include tulips and marigolds. Orange tulips represent perfect love while marigolds convey strength and power.

Purple Flower Meaning

Purple Irises flower arrangement
Purple Irises flower arrangement. Check the price on From You Flowers.

Go for purple flowers if elegance and charm are the messages you want to express. They can also be used to symbolize romance.

In ancient times, purple was the preferred hue of royalty. As such, purple flowers are prominent in events filled with pomp and circumstance.

Some of the highly popular purple flowers are bellflowers and clematises. Clematises are symbols of ingenuity while bellflowers connote constancy and affection.

Pink Flower Meaning

Sweet hummingbird bouquet
Sweet hummingbird bouquet with pink flowers. Check the price on Teleflora.

Pink flowers typically depict gentleness and happiness. It also conveys high femininity, which comes as no surprise as the color pink is usually associated with girls.

Pink flowers are the top choice during Mother’s Day as motherhood is often viewed as the symbol or essence of a woman.

Pink is one of the most common flower hues, which is why pink flowers sometimes convey the message of being madly in love.  Pink carnations are quite common and signify gratitude.

Another popular pink flower is the lily which symbolizes innocence, and fertility.

Yellow Flower Meaning

Hello sunshine flowers
Hello sunshine bouquet with Sunflowers. Check the price on From You Flowers.

Yellow flowers are very much like orange ones as they convey happiness and joy. They also symbolize energy and friendship with friends giving each other yellow flowers to brighten their moods.

A bouquet of yellow flowers can easily put a smile on someone’s face. Just think of how a field full of sunflowers invokes a feeling of immense joy.

Some of the highly sought-after yellow flowers include daisies and sunflowers. Daisies symbolize friendship and happiness while sunflowers convey vitality, happiness, and intelligence.

Red Flower Meaning

Red rose bouquet
Red roses bouquet. Check the price on FTD.

Passion is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the color red which is why it’s the top color during Valentine’s Day.

Red flowers also typically mean love, accounting for why many men choose a bouquet of red flowers for their women. Red flowers, after all, also convey respect and courage.

Not surprisingly, the best red flowers include red roses, which signify romance and love. Red tulips convey perfect and deep love.

Wrapping Up

In the olden days, people took the time to choose flowers and their colors to convey their feelings. Today, prices and aesthetics seem to be the primary considerations when choosing flowers.

However, flowers have their symbols and meanings, and taking the time and effort of choosing the right hues allows you to express what you are feeling more deeply and meaningfully.

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