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What Is the Sigil of Asmodeus? Design, Meaning, and Mystique

Asmodeus is one of the most well-known of all the demons in Christian tradition. He’s a powerful demon, but was once one of the top-ranking angels in Heaven, until he fell with Satan and the other angels who disobeyed god. 

As with many prominent figures in demonology, Asmodeus has a unique symbol or sigil associated with him. Let’s take a look at the sigil of Asmodeus and what it means.  

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Who Is Asmodeus? 

Asmodeus as depicted in Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal
Asmodeus demon by Louis Le Breton, PD.

Asmodeus is a demon whose origins and mentions span multiple religious and cultural texts. His earliest known mention is in the Book of Tobit, which is part of the Catholic and Orthodox biblical canons, but is considered apocryphal by Protestants and is not included in the Hebrew Bible.

But if we go beyond this, we see that historically, Asmodeus comes from the Persian Zoroastrian demon Aesham-daeva. The terrible infamy of this demon inspired the Jews and Christians to create a new demon – Asmodeus.  

Jacques Collin de Plancy, in his seminal work “The Dictionnaire Infernal” (1818), offers a vivid description of the demon: 

Asmodeus possesses three distinct heads – resembling a man, a sheep, and a bull. With a protruding nose, sharp ears and teeth, and flames spewing from his mouth, his human-like upper body contrasts with the feathered rooster legs below. Adding to his peculiar appearance, Asmodeus rides on a lion bearing dragon-like wings and neck.  

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What Is the Sigil of Asmodeus? 

Asmodeus’ Sigil necklace
Handmade item of Asmodeus’ Sigil. See it here.

The Sigil of Asmodeus, like other demonic sigils, serves as a symbolic representation of this entity. Its origins are somewhat murky but can be traced back to various grimoires, or magical textbooks, from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. 

However, the grimoire that it’s most commonly associated with is the Lesser Key of Solomon, specifically the first section called the Ars Goetia. This section contains detailed descriptions of the seventy-two demons of Solomon, along with drawings of their sigils. The sigils are used to invoke and control the demons, and so the demons wish for their sigils to be unknown.  

Design and Symbolism of Asmodeus’ Sigil  

Sigil of Asmodeus.
Sigil of Asmodeus. Public Domain.

At first glance, the sigil of Asmodeus appears intricate, with a combination of geometric patterns and arcane symbols.  

In most depictions, the symbol is placed within two circles that surround it. Within the outer circle is the word Asmoday, which is another version of Asmodeus’ name. The circle can symbolize protection and conjuration.  

At its center is the intricate sigil, believed to evoke the essence or power of Asmodeus. Each element of the sigil has been subject to various interpretations. If you look closely, you can see a twisted arrow – reminiscent of the devil’s tail in most depictions. There’s also a type of cross, similar to a Maltese cross. Unfortunately, we don’t really know what these symbols mean. 

Some scholars argue that the patterns and symbols represent Asmodeus’s dominion over certain spheres of influence, such as lust, revenge, and gambling. Others believe that the symbols hold magical properties, and when used correctly, can either invoke or ward off the demon.  

Usage in Rituals and Magic 

The primary use of the Sigil of Asmodeus, like other sigils, is in magical rituals. It can be drawn or inscribed on surfaces, worn as an amulet, or used in incantations. Practitioners believe that the sigil can be used to summon Asmodeus, either to seek his favor or to bind him and ward off his influence. 

However, working with demonic symbols always comes with warnings. Traditionally, only those well-versed in the arcane arts would dare to use such sigils, fearing the potential repercussions of invoking such powerful entities without the proper precautions. 

Modern Day Relevance of Asmodeus’ Sigil  

My sigil of Asmodeus by Voodoo Tattoo
Sigil of Asmodeus Tattoo. Source: Reddit.

In today’s culture, the Sigil of Asmodeus, like other occult symbols, has taken on various meanings. While it remains a powerful symbol in esoteric circles, it has also found its way into popular culture. Tattoos, artwork, and even jewelry featuring the sigil can be found, and are popular among various occult circles.  

Some wear the symbol simply because of its association with rebellion, individuality, and for its mystique, rather than its traditional demonic association.  

Wrapping Up 

The Sigil of Asmodeus is a testament to humanity’s long-standing fascination with the arcane and the forbidden. While its roots lie in ancient demonology, its significance and intrigue persist in modern times.  

Whether viewed as a potent magical tool, a symbol of rebellion, or merely an artifact of a bygone era, the sigil continues to captivate and inspire. Those who choose to delve deeper into its mysteries do so with a mix of caution, respect, and wonder. 

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