Symbolic Meaning of the Color Orange

Orange, like green, is a color that’s commonly found in nature. It’s the color of vegetables, flowers, citrus fruits, fire and vivid sunsets and is the only ...

Green Color Meaning and Symbolism

Being the color of nature, green is literally all around us. This is one color that people find vitalizing and inspiring in all it’s different hues and is ...

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Blue

Blue: a rare color in nature and the favorite of many people around the world. It’s one of the three primary colors, used for many purposes including ...

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Black

Commonly used in many cultures, black is likely the most universal color on earth, used for numerous purposes and worn by almost everyone. Black is a color ...

Symbolic Meaning of the Color Red (History and Use)

Right next to orange and just opposite violet on the spectrum of light, red is considered to be a beautiful color, heavy with both positive and negative ...

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