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What is a Shamrock and What Does It Symbolize?

The shamrock is a three-leaved lawn weed that’s native to Ireland. It’s the most recognized Irish symbol and a representation of Irish identity and culture. ...

What Is the Phaistos Disk? – History and Meaning

The most discussed inscription of Minoan Crete, the “Phaistos Disk” features mysterious writing stamped on clay, which can be read spirally from the edge to ...

Symbolic Meaning of the Menorah – 7 Branches

The menorah is one of the most easily recognizable and well-known symbols of Judaism. It has the distinction of being not just the oldest Jewish symbol, but ...

What is the Papal Cross and Why Is It So Important?

The Papal cross, sometimes called the Papal Staff, is the official symbol for the office of the Pope, the highest authority of the Roman Catholic Church. As ...

14 Popular Jewish Symbols and Why They’re Important

Considering that Judaism is among the oldest religions in the world, it goes without saying that many symbols have taken on significance and have become ...

What is the Thieves’ Cross (Forked Cross)? Meaning and Origins

The thieves' cross, also known by several other names, can be seen in Christian artwork. The symbol itself dates back to the early 13th century, but there ...

What is the Florian Cross and It’s Meaning?

A common emblem representing firefighting departments and organizations around the world, the Florian cross is an ancient symbol deeply rooted in ...

What Does the Maltese Cross Mean? Origin and Symbolism

The Maltese cross is a popular symbol, commonly found on medals of honor, coats of arms, architecture, jewelry, airlines, and sports team. But what does it ...

Celtic Cross – History and Symbolism

The Celtic cross is one of the most well-known Irish symbols and is commonly found in graveyards, public monuments, artwork, and fashion. While its origins ...

Celtic Shield Knot – What It Really Means

The Celtic shield knot (sometimes called a looped square) is one of the most recognizable of the Celtic knots, and one of the oldest. While in the past it ...

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