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May Birth Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

The birth flowers of the month of May are the Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn. Both these flowers are delicate blooms that are found mostly in white and ...

Symbols of Creativity – A List with Images

Creativity is an essential aspect of the human experience, allowing us to think originally, open the mind, and find solutions to our problems. All around us ...

Healing Symbols and Their Meanings (With Images)

A healing symbol is a mark, sign, word, or design that represents and reflects the art of healing. Historically, all cultures across the globe have had ...

Do I Need Tiger’s Eye? Meaning and Healing Properties

Tiger's eye is a beautiful and mesmerizing gemstone prized for its shimmering golden-brown color and unique chatoyancy. It’s believed to have a number of ...

Do I Need Green Aventurine? Meaning and Healing Properties

Green Aventurine is a stunning gemstone known for its calming and nurturing energy. It’s believed to bring luck, prosperity, and balance to those who wear ...

Symbols of Evil and What They Mean

Evil is a broad concept that has many symbols closely associated with it. These can be anything from words, marks, or signs, and even objects, animals, or ...

Do I Need Clear Quartz? Meaning and Healing Properties

Clear quartz or crystal quartz is a transparent mineral formed from oxygen and silicon atoms. It has a glassy luster and often appears colorless, making it ...

Do I Need Citrine? Meaning and Healing Properties

Citrine is a beautiful yellow gemstone that’s associated with prosperity and abundance. It’s a popular choice for jewelry and is known for its vibrant, ...

Do I Need Carnelian? Meaning and Healing Properties

Stones and crystals derived from the Earth have brought on a sense of magic and wonder for those who behold their beauty since ancient times. The power, ...

What Is Guy Fawkes Day?

Every November 5, fireworks light up the skies above England, Scotland, and Wales. Britons go out into the evening to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day.  This ...

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