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16 Powerful Symbols of Mourning and What They Mean

When it comes to mourning, people often think of typical symbols like black clothing and somber music. But did you know there are some truly unique symbols ...

Tumah and Taharah – Meaning, History, and Present Day

Tumah and taharah are two terms that you’ll encounter quite often when reading the Torah or other Rabbinic literature. You’ll even see them in the Bible and ...

Lighthouse of Alexandria – Why Was It a Seventh Wonder? 

Alexandria is a city in Egypt that people recognize for its ancient history. Alexander the Great founded it in 331 BCE, so it’s one of the oldest ...

14 Unique Symbols of Chaos and What They Mean

Symbols of chaos have been around for centuries, captivating people with their enigmatic and often mysterious meanings.   From well-known ...

The Importance and Symbolism of the Roman She-Wolf

The she-wolf is an essential symbol of Roman history and culture, and appears throughout the city in various types of artwork. Wolves, in general, are ...

15 Heart-Warming Symbols of Mother-Daughter Love

There's no bond quite like that between a mother and daughter. It's a connection that's woven from love, admiration, and understanding, and one that lasts a ...

15 Powerful Symbols of Betrayal and What They Mean

Betrayal is a deeply emotional and personal experience that can leave lasting scars on an individual's heart and psyche. It’s a breach of trust that can ...

15 Potent Symbols of Revenge and What They Mean

Are you feeling wronged and seeking to unleash your fury upon those who have crossed you? Revenge is a dish best-served cold, they say, but sometimes it ...

Top 10 Symbols of Health and Their Meanings

Throughout history, there have been many images designated as symbols of health and longevity. This article will look closely at some of the most well-known ...

12 Significant Symbols of Democracy and Their Meanings

One of the most common types of government in the modern world, democracy is reflective of people’s will. The word democracy is derived from two Greek ...

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