Inca Gods and Goddesses – A List

One of the most powerful native empires of South America, the Incas first appeared in the Andes region during the 12th century CE. The Incas were highly ...

Fear Gorta –Irish “Good Luck” Zombies

Most cultures and religions seem to have one version of a zombie-like creature or another, but few are as peculiar as the Fear Gorta. Translated as Man of ...

Dearg Due – The Vengeful Irish Vampiress

The Dearg Due is one of several blood-sucking monstrosities in the Irish/Celtic folklore. Depicted as a female figure, the Dearg Due is one of the most ...

Sekhmet – Egyptian Lioness Goddess

In Ancient Egypt, Sekhmet was a multifaceted and remarkable deity, depicted mostly as a lioness. She was one of the first deities of Egyptian mythology and ...

Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of Sky

In Egyptian mythology, Hathor was a goddess of the sky, of fertility, women and love. She was one of the most important Egyptian goddesses who was ...

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