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Masculine Flowers – How to Give Flowers to a Man

In the past, sending flowers to men was rather unusual because flowers are so often associated with femininity. However, this is no longer the case, and today, giving a man a bouquet or a potted flower has become a popular gift. Carefully chosen flowers can uplift anyone’s mood and help communicate and express your heartfelt emotions due to their symbolism. Having said that, not all flowers are suitable for men. Here’s how to choose the right flowers for a man.

Tips on Giving Flowers to Men

Holding flowers for man

When sending flowers to men, there are certain guidelines that are best followed. While these are just guidelines, they’ll help you to pick flowers that you know your male friend or loved one will appreciate.

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  • Choose the Right Color – Most men like to receive flowers; however, they may not appreciate feminine colors, like pink, peach, and pale yellow. Instead, you can opt for bold and dark shades, such as red, blue, and purple. Gender-neutral colors, like white and orange, are also great choices. 
  • Avoid Sweet-Scented Flowers – Most women love sweet-scented blossoms. Men, on the other hand, tend to like flowers with a mild or subtle aroma. For this reason, you can opt for orchids, tulips, and sunflowers. Even though these blossoms are unscented, they can still put a smile on someone’s face because of their beauty.
  • Pick Flowers with Strong Structures – Men prefer robust flowers with a strong structure. Think bird of paradise instead of a baby’s breath. If fillers are necessary, you can choose something natural like grass or leaves to make the bouquet look more masculine.
  • Choose the Right Container – Putting flowers in a simple yet elegant vase is also a good idea. If you want to be creative, you can also place it in a cool-looking container, like a coffee mug or beer stein. When choosing a container, always consider the event. Ideally, bold colors are excellent for happy occasions, such as birthdays. White or muted colors, on the other hand, are ideal for funerals. 
  • Consider His Personality When picking a flower, always consider the recipient’s personality, including his hobbies and favorite color. From there, you can ask your local florist for help. They can give you the best choices. They can also help you create the perfect gift, from flowers to containers.

The Best Masculine Flowers

Based on the tips above, here are the best flowers you can give a male relative, friend, or lover.

1- Roses

When it comes to floral gifts, roses are the most popular choice. The reason is not only because of its great beauty but also its various meanings. For example, red roses are best given to your lover because they symbolize love and romance. Yellow roses, on the other hand, represent friendship, making them a great present for your male friends.

2- Tulips

Noel bouquet with red and white Tulips
Noel bouquet with red and white Tulips. Check price on Proflowers.

A tulip is a classic flower valued by both men and women for centuries. For its meaning, this lovely blossom symbolizes perfect and deep love. It’s the ideal gift for someone you love unconditionally, like a father, brother, son, or lover. For the color, most guys tend to prefer solid hues, such as purple and red. A white tulip is also a good choice, especially for your dad, because it represents honor and respect.

3- Orchids

A potted orchid is an excellent gift for men for various reasons. For one, it radiates a sense of calm to its surrounding, making it great home or office decor. This elegant blossom is also a symbol of love, luxury, and beauty. As such, you can send it to your loved ones to express your love. However, orchids require occasional pruning and re-potting. For this reason, it is best given to plant lovers.

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4- Sunflower

A sunflower is associated with happiness, but it can also symbolize unconditional love and unwavering faith. For this reason, it can be given to your loved ones if you want to tell them that you love and adore them. As a warm and hardy blossom, the sunflower is also a great gift for your male relatives or friends if you want to put a smile on their faces. Remember, this simple yet charming blossom is considered a happy flower because it can uplift anyone’s mood with its cheerful color.

5- Bird of Paradise

Because of its tropical nature, the bird of paradise is a symbol of freedom and paradise. Additionally, it can also represent success, excellence, and magnificence. This elegant flower can be a great gift for your male colleague or friend to commemorate achieving a milestone, like a job promotion. It can also be an excellent birthday or Father’s Day gift to thank your dad for being there for you.

6- Chrysanthemum

Coppertone bouquet
Coppertone bouquet with Chrysanthemum. Check price on From You Flowers.

Chrysanthemum has an earthy aroma that can be appealing to men. Aside from that, it represents love, joy, and happiness. Additionally, the chrysanthemum is a birth month flower, so you can give it as a present if the recipient is born in November. By giving this blossom, you are not only expressing your love but your well-wishes as well.  

7- Dahlia

In the Victorian era, dahlia symbolized a lasting bond between two people. For this reason, the flower can be given to your special someone as an anniversary gift to express your love and devotion. Additionally, it can also be given to a close friend to tell him that your friendship is long-lasting.   

8- Alstroemeria

Alstromeria is a gorgeous flower with no scent, making it an ideal present for guys. Additionally, the flower symbolizes love, devotion, and strength. For this reason, this lovely blossom can be given to your special someone to show your love and devotion.

9- Anthurium

Anthurium is a simple yet exotic flowering plant that can thrive in any location. Because it requires little care, potted anthurium is a great gift for men with busy schedules. Aside from that, this flower also symbolizes hospitality, happiness, and abundance. For this reason, it can be an excellent housewarming present

10- Peace Lily

Comfort planter bouquet
Comfort planter bouquet with Peace Lily. Check price on FTD.

The peace lily is a flowering plant with white blossoms, and it symbolizes peace and tranquility. Because of its meaning, this elegant flower is often given to a grieving family to express sympathy and support. However, you can also give this flowering plant as a housewarming or birthday gift. The reason is due to its other meanings. To be specific, this blossom is believed to bring prosperity and good luck in Feng Shui. The best part is that it is low maintenance, making it a great present for your male relatives, friends, or lover.

Final Thoughts

Although flowers are typically associated with femininity, they can be a great gift for men. After all, why should women have all the fun? Remember, these beautiful blossoms will not only bring warmth and happiness, but they can also help express your feelings because of their symbolism.

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