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Top 15 Symbols of Purity and Their Meanings

From ancient times to modern-day, symbols of purity have been used to represent the virtues of innocence, cleanliness, and goodness.  

These symbols serve as a reminder that despite the chaos and impurity of the world around us, there are still elements of purity and goodness that can be found and cultivated within ourselves. 

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In this article, we’ll explore 15 of the most powerful and inspiring symbols of purity from around the world, and delve into their history and significance.  

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, guidance, or simply a moment of reflection, these symbols are sure to leave you feeling uplifted and empowered. 

1. Dove 

White dove

The dove is a powerful and universal symbol of purity that’s been revered by cultures around the world for thousands of years.  

In ancient Greek mythology, the dove was a sacred bird associated with the goddess Aphrodite, while in Christianity, it’s seen as a symbol of peace, purity, and the Holy Spirit. 

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The dove’s significance as a symbol of purity stems from its appearance, which is characterized by its gentle nature, soft cooing, and pristine white feathers. It also represents love, innocence, and hope, and is often associated with the concept of renewal and rebirth. 

Whether you see a dove in flight or catch a glimpse of its image in artwork or literature, the symbol of the dove is a powerful reminder of the purity and beauty that can be found within ourselves and in the world around us.  

2. White Rose 

One dozen white roses
One dozen white roses. See them here.

The white rose is a timeless symbol of purity that’s been used for centuries to represent innocence, virtue, and purity.  

In ancient times, the rose was associated with various goddesses of love and beauty, while in Christianity, it’s seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and her purity. 

The white rose’s significance as a symbol of purity lies in its delicate beauty and pristine white petals. It’s often used in weddings and other ceremonies to symbolize the purity and innocence of the bride or of the event itself.  

Whether you give or receive a white rose, it’s a powerful reminder of the purity and goodness that exists within us all.  

3. Snowflake 


The snowflake is a symbol of purity that’s been celebrated for centuries. Its intricate and delicate design represents the beauty and purity of nature, and its whiteness signifies the absence of impurities. 

The snowflake is often seen as a symbol of uniqueness and individuality, as each snowflake is said to be completely unique and one-of-a-kind.  

This adds to its symbolism of purity, as it represents the purity and uniqueness of each individual.  

The snowflake’s significance as a symbol of purity is further emphasized by its association with winter and the holiday season, a time when we celebrate the beauty and purity of the natural world. 

4. Lotus Flower 

Lotus flower

The significance of the lotus as a symbol of purity stems from the fact that it’s a flower that grows in muddy water but emerges clean and pure. 

In Hinduism and Buddhism, for example, this flower is a sacred symbol of purity and represents the journey from darkness to light and ignorance to knowledge. 

The lotus flower is a powerful reminder of the purity and beauty that can be found even in the most unlikely of places.  

It inspires us to embrace our own journey of purification and to strive for a life of clarity, wisdom, and spiritual purity. 

5. Crystal 

Natural crystal point tower
Natural crystal point tower. See it here.

The transparent and flawless appearance of crystals makes them a symbol of perfection and spiritual purity. 

Crystals are used for their healing properties and purported ability to purify energy. It’s often used in meditation practices to enhance clarity, calmness, and spiritual awareness. 

In many spiritual traditions, crystals are believed to be a powerful tool for purifying the mind, body, and spirit, and for connecting with higher realms of consciousness.  

Its ability to reflect and refract light also makes it a powerful symbol of spiritual illumination and enlightenment. 

6. Diamond 

Natural diamond tennis bracelet
Natural diamond tennis bracelet. See it here.

Diamonds are one of the most precious and enduring symbols of purity, representing the highest form of clarity, brilliance, and spiritual purity.  

Their rarity and enduring beauty also make them a symbol of perfection and spiritual illumination. 

Diamonds are believed to have healing properties, as well as the ability to purify energy and enhance spiritual awareness. They’re often associated with the crown chakra, the highest spiritual center, and are believed to open the mind to higher realms of consciousness. 

Diamonds have been prized for their beauty and purity throughout history and are often used in engagement rings and other jewelry to symbolize everlasting love and spiritual purity. 

7. Water 

fresh water

The clarity, fluidity, and ability to cleanse and purify make water a potent symbol of spiritual purification and renewal. 

Water is also associated with the divine feminine, the moon, and the tides, and is believed to have the power to heal, renew, and refresh the spirit.  

It’s often used in purification rituals, including baptism, to symbolize the washing away of sins and the renewal of the soul. 

Whether you immerse yourself in a natural body of water or simply appreciate its beauty and power from a distance, water is a powerful reminder of the purity and spiritual renewal that’s available to us all. 

8. Pearl 

Pearls Kentucky state

In ancient times, pearls were believed to have been created by lightning strikes on the ocean and were thought to be the tears of the gods.  

As such, they were believed to possess magical powers and were associated with purity and divine intervention. 

In some cultures, pearls were worn as a symbol of purity and innocence and were often used in religious ceremonies. For instance, the ancient Egyptians believed that pearls were associated with the moon, and were a symbol of purity and spiritual transformation. 

Today, pearls continue to be associated with purity and spiritual transformation and are often worn as a symbol of purity and innocence by brides on their wedding day. They’re also believed to possess healing properties and are used in various forms of traditional medicine. 

9. Angel 

angel Christianity

Angels are divine beings who embody qualities such as purity, goodness, and light. They exist in almost every religious tradition, albeit in slightly different forms.  

In Christianity, they’re believed to be messengers of God who watch over and protect humanity.  

They’re often depicted with wings and a halo and are strongly associated with purity, goodness, and spiritual enlightenment. 

Angels are also seen as symbols of empowerment, as they represent a connection to the divine and a source of strength and guidance. They’re often called upon in times of need, to provide comfort and support to those who are struggling.

They remain a popular symbol of purity and empowerment and are often used in art, literature, and popular culture to represent hope, guidance, and spiritual transformation. 

10. Swans 


The association with purity comes from the swan’s graceful appearance and behavior. Swans are known for their elegant white feathers, which are often associated with cleanliness and innocence.  

They also have a graceful swimming style and gentle demeanor that’s been interpreted as a symbol of purity and grace. 

Swans are also associated with love and fidelity, further reinforcing their status as a symbol of purity. The ancient Greeks, for example, believed that swans were sacred to the goddess of love Aphrodite, and often depicted them in their art as symbols of love and devotion.  

Similarly, in Hindu mythology, swans are associated with the god of creation, Brahma, and are considered a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment. 

11. Candle 

Natural aromatherapy candles
Natural aromatherapy candle. See it here.

The candle is a symbol of many things, including light, warmth, hope, and spirituality. While it’s not typically associated with purity in the same way as the swan, it does have some connections to this concept.  

For example, candles are often used in religious and spiritual practices as a way to symbolize purity, enlightenment, and the divine. Many religious ceremonies involve lighting candles to represent the presence of a higher power or to purify a space. 

Additionally, candles have been used throughout history as a way to purify the air and eliminate unpleasant odors. The smoke from burning candles was believed to have cleansing properties, and candles were often used in sickrooms and other areas where cleanliness was important. 

12. Virgin Mary 

Virgin Mary statue

In Christian tradition, the Virgin Mary is a symbol of purity. As the story goes, she was chosen by God to conceive and give birth to Jesus Christ, without having any sexual relations with a man.  

Her purity and chastity are considered central to her role as the Mother of God and have led to her being referred to as the “Virgin Mother.”  

Mary’s purity is also reflected in her life, which was characterized by devotion to God, humility, and selflessness. 

Mary’s image as a symbol of purity has been reflected in art, literature, and religious iconography for centuries. She typically is shown wearing white or blue garments, colors associated with innocence and virginity. 

Her role as a symbol of purity has also led to her being regarded as a model of virtuous behavior and an inspiration for those seeking to lead a pure and holy life. 

13. White Garment 

White linen tunic top
White linen tunic top. See it here.

White is associated with light, goodness, and innocence, which are all attributes associated with purity.  

In many religious and spiritual practices, white garments are worn as a symbol of spiritual purity and devotion to a higher power.  

For example, in Christianity, white robes are worn by those being baptized as a symbol of their new life in Christ and their purity in his sight.  

Similarly, in Hinduism, white garments are often worn during religious ceremonies as a sign of purity and spiritual cleansing. Overall, the white garment is a powerful symbol of purity that’s recognized across many different cultures and traditions. 

14. Silver 

Silver coins

Silver is a symbol of purity in various cultures and traditions. This association comes from the metal’s natural luster and shine, which have been interpreted as symbols of purity and clarity.  

Silver is also a precious metal, and its value and rarity have further reinforced its symbolic significance. 

In many religious and spiritual practices, silver is used as a symbol of purity and enlightenment. For example, in Native American cultures, silver jewelry is believed to have healing properties and is often worn as a symbol of spiritual purity and strength.  

In some Eastern spiritual traditions, silver is associated with the moon and is believed to have calming and purifying effects on the mind and body. 

15. Salt 


Salt has long been regarded as a symbol of purity. This association comes from the fact that salt has been used for centuries as a natural preservative and a way to purify and cleanse food and other substances. 

In many religious and spiritual practices, salt is used as a symbol of purity and protection. For example, in Judaism, salt is used to purify offerings and is believed to represent the covenant between God and his people.  

In Hinduism, salt is used in various purification rituals and is believed to have protective and purifying properties. 

Overall, salt is a powerful symbol of purity and has been used for centuries as a way to purify and cleanse both physical and spiritual substances.  

Its association with purity and protection has made it an important symbol in many different cultures and traditions. 

Wrapping Up  

Whether used in religious or secular contexts, symbols of purity have a powerful effect on our perceptions and emotions.  

They remind us of our inherent goodness, our connection to the divine, and our desire for a better, more virtuous life.  

In a world that can often seem chaotic and confusing, these symbols of purity offer a beacon of hope and a reminder that there’s still goodness and beauty in the world. 

As we continue to navigate the challenges of modern life, let us remember the power of these symbols of purity and the inspiration they offer. May they help us to stay grounded, to seek the truth, and to live a life of purpose and meaning. 

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