8 Powerful Symbols of Lent: A Journey of Faith and Reflection

Lent is a time of year that holds great importance in the Christian faith. It's a season of sacrifice, self-reflection, and spiritual growth.   ...

6 Powerful Confucianism Symbols and Their Meanings

Confucianism or Ruism is one of the oldest philosophical traditions on the planet and is often even regarded as a religion in and of itself. Established ...

12 Powerful Islamic Symbols and Their Meanings

Islam is currently the second most popular religion in the world with nearly 2 billion followers all over the globe. With a rich history and cultural ...

Ahimsa – The Far-Eastern Principle of Non-Violence

Ahimsa is one of the key principles of most of the major Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Unlike other terms such as nirvana, ...

Shatkona – Meaning and Symbolism of the Hindu Yantra

Star symbols have been used as a magical sign or a decorative element in many civilizations around the world. A hexagram symbol used in Hindu yantra, the ...

Star and Crescent: Meaning of the Islamic Symbol

Although Islam has no official symbol, the star and crescent seems to be the most accepted symbol of Islam. It’s featured on the doors of mosques, ...

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