Top 20 Inventions and Discoveries of Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia is often called the cradle of modern human civilization as it was here that complex urban centers grew, and highly significant ...

Great Roman Emperors List

The Roman Republic survived for several centuries before the decline of its institutions gave rise to the Roman Empire. In ancient Roman history, the ...

The Aztec Empire – Rise and Fall of One of Mesoamerica’s Greatest Civilizations

The Aztec empire was one of the greatest cultures and civilizations of Central America. One of the two most famous Mesoamerican cultures, together with the ...

7 Most Important Chinese Inventions in History

Several of the most important inventions of human history, which still have an impact on modern society, had their origin in ancient China. Apart from ...

Queen Boudica – A British Celtic Hero of Independence

Queen Boudica is one of the oldest and most famous heroines of old British history and mythology. She was the wife of Celtic Iceni king Prasutagus, although ...

List of Women Warriors in Folklore and History

Throughout history, countless women have been robbed of the acknowledgement for the roles they played in many historical events. Just by reading an ...

Greatest Leaders of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was the cradle of some of the most important leaders of Western Civilization. By revisiting their accomplishments, we can develop a better ...

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